NEW Workout Video: BIKINI ARMS!!

By Katrina Scott on
bikini-best-arm-workout-toneitup What's the best summer accessory!? Sexy, sculpted arms!! Today's NEW Tone It Up Tuesday BIKINI ARMS Routine will leave you ready to rock tank tops, sleeveless dresses and your favorite bikini with confidence! This amazing sequence of moves is designed to alternate between working your biceps, triceps and shoulders for the ultimate arm defining routine! You're going to feel the burn, and fall in love with your strong, wow-worthy arms! Want to jam out to your own music during the workout!? Or your new BIKINI SERIES music mix? Click HERE for the music free version of your BIKINI ARMS workout! Download your printable HERE ~ Just Right Click and Select “Save Link As…” Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-1 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-2 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-3 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-4 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-5 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-6 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-7